Memorial Benches & Trees

Minot Park District

Memorial Benches & Trees

Memorial Tree Donations

Trees are available for purchase to be planted as living memorials. Trees will be planted in
appropriate locations throughout the Park District for a fee. Suggestions from donors as to
locations will be considered, but final determination of appropriate varieties and locations will be determined by the City Forester. A maintenance fee in addition to the tree purchase will also apply.

Staff will inform the donor of the scheduled planting time and location to offer an opportunity for the donor to be present during the planting.

Donations will be recognized with a letter of appreciation from the Minot Park District.

Donations may also be given for the replacement of trees or shrubs that did not survive in our Park system or for future plantings at locations to be determined by the Park District. These donations will be used on an as needed basis to replace and plant trees enhancing the beauty of our park system. We ask for a minimum $125 donation for this program.


Memorial Bench and other Park Amenity Donations

Although suggestions will be considered for a particular location, placement of park amenities in the park system must meet the plan and requirements of a particular park or facility. Final decisions as to location will be determined by the Minot Park District.

Minot Park District staff will identify existing benches, picnic tables and other amenities which would be desirable to replace with a memorial bench or other amenity. Donors are encouraged to provide replacement amenities at these locations.

Park amenities will be accepted on the basis that they will be maintained for ten years in their original location, or in an area near their original location. After 10 years, the amenity may be removed or relocated pending redevelopment of the park site.

Gift contributions for benches and other amenities listed in the fee schedule will include fee for the actual amenity, installation, a ten year maintenance plan, and administrative costs.

Small plaques may be included on the bench or amenity with design, placement and language to be approved by the Park District.

All park amenities will be constructed of materials selected by the Minot Park District to meet the design and maintenance considerations of the department. Certain themes will be maintained on trails and in parks, and granite benches or tables may only be appropriate in certain locations. Certain parks and facilities do not have room for additional amenities so replacement of existing amenities is highly encouraged in these areas and will be the only option available.